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Intuitive Tarot Reading

  • 15 min
  • 45 US dollars

Numbers are all around us, as are messages, signs, & symbols. Nikki is an intuitive reader who uses Numerology and Tarot to help you interpret your path, and to help you make the internal and/or external adjustments that you feel called to make. The method of Numerology that Nikki utilizes is the Tibetan Method, which uses your preferred name of identity. That could be your first name, middle name, a nickname, or a soul/spirit name. By using the name you identify with by heart, this method allows each person the opportunity to gain insight into his/her life from a free will perspective. Nikki feels that all Numerology methodologies provide valuable insight, but prefers this method versus others, as other methods use the static information of your birth name and date of birth. While it is helpful to know the energy we were “stamped” with at birth, we also decide our own fate thanks to our free will, which is why the flexibility of the Tibetan Numerology is so helpful! Alongside a Numerology Reading, you can also register for a Tarot Reading with Nikki to gain a more comprehensive look into yourself at the present moment. The Tarot is a classic Divination system through which Nikki uses her intuitive guidance and the Tarot cards in order to dive into your question or situation. This can help you to see where you are, how you got there, what is supporting you, what is blocking you, and where you can go if you follow along the same path you’re currently following. Book one or both readings together with Nikki, and move forward in your life with valuable insight into yourself and the path that you currently follow. As a life-long intuitive, Nikki enjoys helping her clients shine the light where once there was darkness. She is an ordained Sacred Priestess and self-claimed Goddess, with strong ties to her guides who help her share what each client needs to hear. The Mystic Arts are her passion and she is a fan of any teacher who strives to bridge the gap between Spirituality and Science, for she feels that all is Divine and here to help us understand who we are, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going.

Where to find us

822 Lamar Ave 

Charlotte, NC 28204

Contact us 


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Opening hours

Mon - Sat


12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Store Policies

Return Policy: Returns accepted for refund of items within 7 days of purchase with receipt. Packaged items must be unopened and in original packaging. Jewelry without tags attached &/or that has been worn cannot be returned or exchanged if damaged. No refunds for no shows of readings, sessions or classes. Refunds for readings, sessions or classes must be a minimum of 48 hours prior to the appointment time. If less than 48 hours prior but before the scheduled appointment time a $25 cancellation fee will be assessed.

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