Gift Guides 2019: Spiritual Starter Guide

The gifts below are perfect to get you inspired for the person (or people) on your list who are just starting on their spiritual journey. Check out some of our favorite sets and books below, sure to be loved by the beginning or advanced spiritualist in your life.

7 Chakras Kit - $35

This gift set includes 1 set of chakra balancing stones, 7 chakras incense and votive candles, as well as a beautiful reference chart to help you learn more about the chakras and how to work with them.

Black & White Sage Smudge Kit - $10

One of the easiest gifts to give is the gift of clear energy – through a smudge kit like our black and white sage smudge kit, which comes with 2 smudge sticks, a feather, a mini abalone shell and stand to keep it on your altar. This kit has everything you need to cleanse your own energy and your sacred space.

Runes for Beginners - $14.99 & Crystal Rune Kit $24.95

While Tarot and Pendulums are some of the more common methods of divination, many find themselves pulled to reading runes to divine guidance for themselves and others. Runes for Beginners and a Crystal Rune Kit are everything one needs to learn how to work with this ancient system of divination.

Brass Charcoal Burner Kit - $25

This kit is ideal for the incense and candle lover who wants to start experimenting with more herbs, resins, and incense powders on their own. It includes a brass charcoal burner, sand to line it, charcoal, and a specially selected resin for the season.

Ancient Teachings for Beginners - $15.99

No one book can completely cover the thousands of years’ worth of spiritual teachings across cultures that are available to us today, but in Ancient Teachings for Beginners, Douglas De Long provides a brief introduction to everything from working with your chakras and past lives, to basic teachings from Jesus Christ, Buddha, Ancient Egypt, and even Atlantis. This is the go to book for someone who is curious about ancient practices but doesn’t know where to begin.