Gift Guides 2019: Sacred Spaces

For many of us, the home is the closest thing we have to a true sanctuary. Where we start and end our days, and where we return to seek refuge and shelter from the outside world, these are some of our favorite picks to help add an extra layer to that sanctuary. From smudge kits to keep the peace and tranquility, to beautiful decor that can be used to bring a higher vibration to any space, the following gifts are perfect for the homebodies in your life.

1. Meditation Pillow - $35

Our meditation cushions and other pillows are the perfect gift for the new or experienced meditator in your life, and we even have a variety of colors sure to suit anyone’s style.

2. Goat Skin Lamps - Prices Vary

These Moroccan goat skin lamps are hand dyed and decorated with henna, creating a warm glow that adds a gentle glow to any room.

3. Statues - Prices Vary

Statues large and small are a beautiful addition to any home or sacred space, allowing one to bring in the energy of any preferred deity, animal, or other spirit that speaks to you or your loved ones. We have a large variety of different statues so you’re sure to find the right fit.

4. Peace and Tranquility Smudge Set

We look to our homes as a sanctuary. A place to find peace and rest. Regular cleansing and smudging of the energies in our space helps us maintain this peaceful quality, and our peace and tranquility smudge kit is an easy way to help a loved one invite that same level of peace into their home as well.

5. Antique Incense Cone Burners - $25 - $35

For those that are harder to shop for, or who get most excited about a truly unique gift, we have beautiful antique lotus ($25) and buddha ($35) cone incense burners from Tibet. These beautiful incense burners are the perfect addition to an altar or meditation space.