A Note on Full Moon in Libra

pink phlox flowers

Hello Sanctuary Family!

While we are all adjusting to new routines and stay-at-home life as much as possible, tonight we are given a moment to check back in with ourselves and the collective energy around us. Aries season is well under way, and while many may see that reflected in the media as the narrative of the “war on coronavirus,” we are given an opportunity to see that Aries is not just a representative of war and chaos, but also corresponds to The Fool, the aspect of the self that is hopeful for a new beginning as they set out on their journey.

While these energies of spring, renewal, and rebirth surround us, it’s easy to get lost in the fear of current events. This full moon in Libra is offering an opportunity to re-center and rebalance ourselves. The Pink Moon, named for the pink petals of the Creeping Phlox flower that begins blooming each spring, stationed in Libra, calls on us to embrace the paradoxes of our life. For many, that is coming to a place of peace and rest when the world around feels tumultuous and is pushing us to always keep going.

In spring, it means being gentle with ourselves as we emerge from the dark womb of winter. Easing in as we assess our surroundings, reborn while in our slumber, and drawing inspiration from the new opportunities for growth and healing that surround us.

We are called to focus on our interpersonal relationships, recognizing that we are interdependent always, and adjusting our lives for social justice and harmony in trying times. The moon is calling on us to embrace who we really are, the gifts and medicine we have to share, and to honor the inherent worth of ourselves, and all other beings we share this Earth with.

April’s Full Moon in Libra is also the largest Supermoon we will see in 2020, providing an extra boost to help us release the patterns and systems that no longer serve us, while guiding us into a new reality, one that is as loving, compassionate, and kind as we choose to make it.

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Peace and Blessings!

Your Sanctuary Imports Team