Crystal Shapes & Meanings

Crystals have been used around the world for millennia to bring emotional, physical, and spiritual alignment. Certain crystals, such as Selenite or Himalayan Salt, are used to raise a vibration and cleanse a space or object of unwanted residual energy. Other crystals, such as Obsidian or Black Tourmaline, are used for grounding and protection purposes. If you're like me, you probably have a growing collection of crystals in all different shapes and sizes - but have you ever wondered what the purpose of those different shapes are or why you seem to gravitate towards certain ones? Check out this simple guide!

Raw/Rough Crystals

Raw crystals are coveted for their connection to Earth/Gaia as they are used in their natural state. You may notice that the coloring is a bit less vibrant due to the lack of a polish and there may be pieces of the host rock material still there, but these crystals still pack a powerful punch. Shamans, Earth Signs, Natural Healers, and those that work with the Fae may feel more drawn to raw crystals. Raw crystals can be used in any way you'd like, just be aware that certain raw crystals can be dangerous when placed in water, sanded down and inhaled, or ingested so it is best to do your research first.

Tumbled/ Polished Crystals

With tumbled stones, the energy is able to flow around steady like a river. Since they have been polished, they will typically have a glossy finish which makes the colors pop more in each crystal. Tumbled crystals are great to carry around in your pocket or in a medicine bag with other tumbled crystals. Tumbled stones with a vein that goes entirely around, like this Green Aventurine and Snake Skin Agate, can be given away as wishing stones.

Palm Stones

Palm stones are larger polished crystals that typically will take up the size of your hand. Sometimes palm stones are hand polished which gives them an extra unique edge. Palm stones are great for placing on the 7 energetic Chakra points to clear and align each. They can also be held alone in your hands or lap during a meditation. The weight of palm stones makes them ideal for sleeping aids and stress reducers

Crystal Eggs

Crystal eggs are typically used to bring in the Spring season and Ostara. Christians may view the egg as a symbol of The Resurrection of Christ and the Easter Holiday. In all other senses, eggs represent fertility, new life, new beginnings, cycle completion, and abundance. Place a crystal egg on your altar or sacred space to bring in good luck. Meditate with a crystal egg to aid in pregnancy and health.

Crystal Spheres