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Full Moon in Sagittarius Message

Just a couple of weeks ago, we posted here talking about the new moon in Gemini. While so much has happened in the world around us in this short time, it’s easy to forget that the cycles of the natural world keep moving, whether we pay attention to them or not. So, here we are, back at the full moon.

This month, we are celebrating the full moon in Sagittarius. Named the Strawberry moon by the Algonquin tribes of North America, it marks the last full moon of Spring/the first of Summer, as well as signals the ripening wild strawberries growing around us. Yes, even here in Charlotte if you keep an eye out on the ground you may find the wild red berries all around you.

What does a full moon in Sagittarius mean for us in 2020? And how can we harness the power of the full moon for our own healing and journey?

Well this time, even though the alignments of planets and stars are different, creating different challenges for each of us, it is still coming down to shadow work.

I know, I know, y’all were hoping I was going to finally say something different this time. There’s so much going on in the world outside of any of us, that surely continuing on with the hard, exhausting work of looking at our own darkness within is not helping anymore. Surely now is the time to look outward and act.

Let’s take a look at some of the aspects of this full moon though. First off, stationed in Sagittarius, a fixed fire sign, means that this fiery energy is even stronger than with Aries. As the Aries energy is the growing fire, Sagittarius is a full, bright burn lending its energy to us at this time. At the same time, we have the Moon squared with Mars, ruled by Aries and representing the God of War. The Moon conjunct Venus in Retrograde, creating strain in many relationships, is nothing to laugh at either. Increased impulsiveness, a new awareness and understanding of the things we would like to change, within ourselves, relationships, families, and society, and already tense energies bringing up much or us to heal means that this is the time to move slowly.

Tread carefully, in the outside world that feels so different from just a few months ago, in your relationships, and in the depths of your own soul. Passion and wisdom are not mutually exclusive.

Now is the time to examine, to empathize, and to understand that this energy, even quick-tempered energy of Mars can be used to manifest great and positive change. First, though, we must be able to recognize what is something to be healed within ourselves, such as a bias we may not realize we carry, or if it is truly an attack on us/our values/our loved ones.

These fierce energies surrounding us are already on exhibit for many when we look outside. We are being asked to bring these energies back in, temper them with love, wisdom, and compassion, and finally, to harness them to create the greater world we all believe in.

This full moon is a reminder that we have immense power to affect change in the world around us, and so must use that power carefully.

If you’re struggling with the intense energies of this full moon, remember that water, such as a ritual bath, is always a great cleanser, and even more so when we need to balance the fire within and around us. If you’re planning a ritual bath as part of your celebrations for this full moon, head over to our shop for all the herbs, crystals, and candles you’ll need, or come see us in the shop every day from 1-6 PM. We can’t wait to see you there.

We know the intense energies around us astrologically and physically can be difficult to manage. We are here to support you as best we can.