Gemini New Moon: Long Term Goals, Digital Circle, and Ritual!

Welcome back Sanctuary family! We’ve been tracking and working with the moon cycles here on the Sanctuary Imports blog for a little while now, and sometimes, for me, this has felt like one of the only ways to stay grounded and remember that there is so much more going on in the world and universe around us than we may see in our every day lives.

This week, the new moon in Gemini is yet another reminder of this, and the theme for this new moon stays pretty close to what it has been for the last few months: We are still in an intense period of having to face, accept, love, and integrate our own shadow sides.

Recently, a friend of mine referred to my description of shadow work as “Talking to the dark passenger,” and sometimes it can feel that way. But Gemini, the twins, is reminding us that the first thing we see, may not always be what we are truly getting.

What we realize, when we answer the New Moons call to enter the darkness and plant our seeds for the new reality to come, is that this “dark passenger” is no more than just another reflection of us.

We are being asked to look at our longer-term goals currently. What are the goals that you have been working towards? Where might it be time to release or pivot? Are these goals truly still aligned for you?

These questions are how the Gemini New Moon is encouraging us to truly establish our goals and desires, regardless of what our fears might be.

If you’re looking for some community support during this new moon, we would love for you to join our Digital New Moon Circle on Zoom tomorrow night at 7 PM.

If solo rituals are more your style, then head over to the website to pick up any candles, herbs, oils, or journals you might need. If you’re new to working with the moon, solo or otherwise, check out this simple new moon ritual below that has guided me through plenty of confusing times.



Pen – Choose one in a color and writing style that inspires you – for example mine is a purple gel pen for rituals.

Candle (A color or intention that resonates with you) & Safe holder To burn it

What you’re going to do:

In a comfortable, quiet, space where you won’t be disturbed, sit, or lie down in a comfortable position. Allow yourself to take three deep, cleansing breaths. In through the nose, filling the belly, and sighing out through the mouth on the exhale. Allow yourself to feel into the energy of the new moon, new beginnings, new ideas, and journeys.

When you feel ready, light your candle and contemplate the following question:

1. What are the goals that inspire me to show up as my highest self?

Don’t force any of the answers, just let them appear in your mind. Pay attention to the reaction of your body to each goal as it comes to mind. Which ones feel truly good in your body, making you sit up a little straighter and make your heart feel a little bit lighter. Write those down in your journal.

Once you have written those goals down, write an affirmation statement for each one that expresses gratitude for having succeeded in meeting this goal. For example, if the goal that lights you up is owning a business that lights you up and helps others, then you are expressing gratitude for that. If your goal is to be physically fit and healthy, then you are expressing gratitude for already being physically fit. Write about how good it feels to have succeeded already with that. Write about how you feel as a person, about yourself and your life now that this goal has been met.

When you have completed this, and if you feel like you want to, you can take your candle in the bathroom, and draw a ritual bath with your favorite herbs, oils, or crystals set on the side to let the work you’ve just done sink in.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and be gentle with yourself as well.

Remember, while we have been focusing on shadow work a lot, and it’s still a large part of the Gemini New Moon and the other aspects of our lives currently, we also need to focus on the good that is left for us.

Don’t be surprised if goals or desires come up that surprise you. That is what you are looking for with the Gemini New Moon, not going into the shadow in fear, but instead journeying with your own shadow side (or Dark Passenger) to see what aspects of ourselves are yearning to show up and make an impact in our lives and the world around us, but have been afraid to come out just yet.

Now is the time to get really clear on our long term goals and desires so that we can have an individual foundation for ourselves to keep us grounded as the realities and systems that used to be familiar to us change drastically.

Peace and Blessings!