Holiday Gift Guide 2020

We are back with another helpful gift guide for your loved ones this holiday season! Now more than ever the desire to have a high vibrational space & energetic field is apparent. Whether this is your first time looking into items like these, or you are a seasoned spiritualist, these amazing gifts are bound to inspire, encourage, & awaken!

1. Himalayan Salt Lamps & Crystal Lamps

Set the mood and uplift the vibrations of your space with one of these ethereal lamps.

Made with all natural crystals like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and more!

Works wonderfully as a nightlight for your little dreamer.

2. Shungite

This wonderfully grounding stone is known to absorb harmful EMF radiation from electronic devises.

Place one of these gorgeous Pyramids, Merkabahs, Slabs or Spheres next to your computer, TV, or cellphone for added protection! Shungite also works well in space protection and stress relief.

Looking for something a little more hands on? Try out a pair of Shungite & Copper medicine/baoding balls!

This meditative activity is meant to strengthen the muscles of the hand while improving dexterity & increasing blood flow. After a few minutes the user is said to feel calmer, experience improved brain function and heightened focus.

3. Chakra Alignment Singing Bowl Kit

These hand-sized sound bowls are specially tuned to open & align each chakra.

Singing bowls are said to induce deep meditation, release tension, & stabilize the emotions.

Children who experience frequent overwhelm or who are in need of sensory distraction will benefit greatly from the relaxing sound & vibration. Also a great gift for practitioners, spiritualists, shamans, & other energy workers!

4. Singing Bowl Cushion

Already have a singing bowl or are looking for something fun to add to the gift?

A decorative pillow to protect & prevent dents or scratches. Plus, they add a lovely pop of color!

5. Crystal Oil/Perfume Bottle Necklaces

Although they are equipped to hold liquids, these tiny bottle could also hold crystal fragments, rolled up partitions, mantras, or other small spiritual tools. Their dainty & discrete design makes them the perfect amulet for on the go!

Available in four different crystals: Amethyst, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, & Clear Aura Quartz.

6. Hand Crafted Tibetan Monk Amulets

Made with real crystals from all over the world like Fluorite, Amethyst, Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, & more these one-of-a-kind creations pack a powerful punch! Made with the intent to protect, transmute, uplift, & awaken, these amulets are an amazing gift for the spiritualist or empath in your life!

Check back next week for even more 2020 Gift Guide goodies! Sanctuary Imports is open every day from 1-6. Find us at 822 Lamar Ave. Charlotte, NC!