JOY IN YOUR WORLD: Satsang December 2020 by Janice Whitley

As we approach the upcoming holidays, it’s a little tough for some of us to “feel the joy” right now, being that our world is not real stable at the moment and we are still in a pandemic. But when I am feeling anxious or lost I find that just looking at things that will always be beautiful like nature does help.

Joy doesn't come from others; it an inside job. Interrupt negative thoughts about yourself and replace them with statements that honor yourself, such as, "I'm fine the way I am. I'm whole and complete. I did my best. I can do this. I love myself, focus on what you did well. Write down self-appreciations so you can read and say them frequently. The more you reinforce these concepts, the more they'll become reality.

When taking walks, pay attention to the beauty that surrounds us, but the pain of the world can put blinders on me so I don’t see the beauty around me, which is just a waste. The good news is that after you are reminded and remember to soak up anything positive and beautiful around you, it does become a normal part of your life, even a habit after a little while.

making life sweeter for us right now is to revel in the simplicity and beauty that we have around us. If you can’t get out at all, look at pictures of things that you find beautiful. I know it’s not the same, but it will make you feel a little better.

It’s in human nature to be creative, and art is more than communication—it is the sharing of spirit. There are some great works that have captured me for many hours. Absorbing the positive energy from those treasured pieces is a good way to keep your balance and remember that the world will be back in a while.

Spending time in nature is a wonderful way to pass the day. If you can’t be with someone you love, try taking FaceTime walks together and sharing the things that you both discover , We are all getting more creative when it comes to getting and staying connected, and that will help to fill your heart up, a few moments of connection make a difference to all of us. If you know of someone who is all alone, please say hello. It will bring you all some additional joy.

Repeating and contemplating the word joy can actually create that emotion. Say it over and over, varying the speed, tone, and tempo until you laugh. Notice how your body feels when you say the word. Did your chest expand? Did your face relax? Think about what joy means to you. Be as specific as possible, imagining the feeling of joy, the images it conjures up, perhaps even the people and situations who trigger joy. Sign off your emails with the word joy. Paint the word on a smooth rock and keep it nearby. More joy will rise up if you simply invite it to do so.

So focus on the good, feel your joy and have a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season!