New Moon in Taurus Note and Ritual Ideas

Happy Taurus season everyone! If you were able to join us last night for our digital new moon circle, we are so grateful you were there! If you missed it, don’t worry! The new moon is actually tomorrow, 4/22/2020 and has a lot going on with it, so you still have a chance to get prepared to celebrate this month’s new moon in Taurus with a solo ritual.

Remember, the energy of a new or full moon lasts for three days before, and three days after the moon peaks in that phase. You can still utilize the energy of the full/new moon time.

This month, the full moon is square with both Uranus and Saturn. This paired with the earthy energy of Taurus, and the 4/4/4 portal opening up on the same day, is a powerful time for us to pause, and reflect on not only what we desire to bring into our life and the new world we are helping to create, but also on how we might be feeding into the very limitations that are making it feel just that much harder. While many of us are being called to pivot and change direction at the moment, the limitations that we are experiencing from the external world may have us feeling powerless and disheartened. This new moon is practically begging us to just pause, sit still, and listen, instead of frantically trying to scramble for solutions. If you’re looking for ways to find stillness with this new moon, try a few of the following ideas below, or piece them together to create a custom new moon ritual just for you.

New Moon Ritual Ideas:

· Meditate with a candle that reflects your intention with this new moon, it may be problem-solving, getting guidance from your angels and ascended masters, or using this time to refresh the energy in your home.

· Cleanse the energy in your space

· Do some journaling, specifically on what you desire to bring into your reality now. Be sure to clear your mind and write down any guidance that comes in as well.

· Create a ritual bath just for yourself with a mix of essential oils and crystals

These are small, simple ideas, and all of the supplies needed can be ordered from Sanctuary Imports for store pickup, just in time for the new moon!