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Raising Your Vibration

On the path to higher consciousness or spiritual awakening, learning how to raise your vibration is often something that comes naturally and organically. 

While there are many ways to raise your vibration, some of the easiest methods include-

1. Meditation

2. Being creative 

3. Eating raw/whole foods

4. Focusing on Gratitude 

5. Feeling Unconditional Love 

6. Being in Nature

7. Accepting what is 

8. Crystals

9. Yoga/Exercise

10. Laughing

11. Music/Singing/Chanting

When your vibration is high, not only do you feel better, but it also allows you to become a better manifestor and creator of your destiny. A high vibration also strengthens your immune system and can protect you against illness and disease.

When your vibration is high, tuning into your intuition and following the wisdom of your heart also becomes a lot easier and more fluid. 

As you can see, there are so many benefits to raising your vibration, but can your vibration ever get too high?

Balancing Your Vibration

Just like anything in life, balance is often key. When your vibration gets too high, it can cause you to lose touch with your physical body and reality itself. This can cause you to feel all over the place and can make it very difficult to stay present on Earth. 

This is why in any attempt to raise your vibration, grounding rituals and earthing rituals are so important. These help you to stay rooted in reality but also allow you to explore and receive the benefits of being in a high vibration state as well. 

When you focus on balancing your vibration and keeping it at a level that feels comfortable for you, life takes on a different flow and becomes more graceful, joyful, and peaceful.