Satsang Sunday: The Art Of Allowing

Allowing is a simple practice you can do daily (like prayer, meditation, quiet reflection, or affirmation) when you put your attention and awareness on allowing: accepting things as they are; trusting things are working out as they are meant to; believing the feelings, experiences.

The "art of allowing" with the Law of Attraction means being ready to receive the abundance, love, well-being, or anything else you've been trying to attract.

But there's more to it than just being "ready" to receive - you probably think you're more than ready to receive right now, but are you truly ALLOWING your abundance to flow?

What is the art of allowing?  A state of "allowing" is a state of alignment with the essence of the things you've been trying to attract into your life.  Maybe you've been trying to attract more money, or the love of your life, or a new job, or better health. 

You spend time each day visualizing these things; you have photos of them stuck on your "vision board," and you firmly believe you'll have them one day.  All of these are good starts to manifesting them, but you shouldn't stop there!

The art of allowing these things involves deliberately shifting your thoughts and feelings into the state of already HAVING them. That may sound crazy - after all, if you already had them you wouldn't be expending so much energy trying to attract them, right?

Chances are, you've been communicating a message of scarcity to the universe: "I don't have as much money as I want; I don't have my soul mate yet; I don't have the body I want." So, the universe just reflects the essence of not having what you want back into your life, over and over.

To change this, you need to apply the art of allowing by communicating a message of ABUNDANCE to the universe. In other words, communicating to the universe that you already have plenty of money, your soul mate, better health, and so on.

How do you communicate these things? With your feelings. When you feel abundant, abundance starts flowing to you. When you feel loved, love starts flowing to you. When you feel healthy and strong, good health and strength start flowing to you.

When you come into alignment by shifting how you feel, the things you are now aligned with can flow easily to you. You are practicing the art of allowing. When you are out of alignment, you are in a state of resistance and nothing good can come to you.

The art of allowing within the Law of Attraction is all about changing your thoughts and feelings so they closely match how you will FEEL when you have the things you want.

How will you feel when you have plenty of money? How will you feel when you are involved in a loving relationship with that someone special? How will you feel when your body is strong and vibrant?

Start practicing feeling that way NOW! The keyword there is "practice" - you can't make the leap instantly. Just spend a few minutes a day practicing feeling like you already have the things you want to attract.

Pretend you've got tons of money in the bank. Pretend the man/woman of your dreams is holding you close. Pretend that you feel energetic and healthy. After a few days, perhaps a week, you're going to feel a major shift taking place within you. Even better, you're going to start seeing the proof in your outer life that this technique works.

Just let it all go, and allow.