Super Flower Moon in Scorpio - Tonight!

This week on May 7th, we have the last Super Moon of three in a row, with last month’s being the largest and brightest. As the sun is still transiting Taurus, the moon moves into the sign of Scorpio, ruling the areas of our life such as intimacy, sexuality, career and finance, and even spiritual phenomena.

So, when the world is still feeling crazy and scary in so many ways, and now the full moon is in a sign that so easily gets construed as negative, what does that mean for us? And what do we do?

It means that it’s time to turn our compassion for ourselves up to 100%. After that, like with any full moon, it’s time to get into some of the shadow work of releasing whatever is not serving us anymore from our vortexes. This is the time to truly think about the new world that we are birthing, and really allow ourselves to FEEL what we have been visualizing for ourselves, families, communities, and yes the entire world.

The full moon in Scorpio on the May Flower moon reminds us that those beautiful flowers that are blooming right now aren’t competing, comparing, or shaming themselves. They aren’t focused on those external things, instead, as a seed first and now as a beautiful flower, they focused inward. Their focus on their own nourishment and growth is the very reason that we are able to see them and celebrate their unique beauty.

This is what the full moon in Scorpio wants for you. We have planted the seeds, and we’ve been nourishing them as they slowly root down and get ready to break the surface of the soil and bloom.

Scorpio isn’t here to mess up anything for us, even if with this moon we are feeling a bit messier mentally and emotionally. This is just the beginning of the process. Our visions and manifestations are so close to coming to fruition that this stage is about releasing whatever is standing in the way of the transformation.

We have felt the Earth changing beneath our feet for some time, and now we can feel the acceleration of healing and growth all around us, even if it doesn’t seem that way because the change is scary.

Many of you on your healing journeys already know that when there is a shift to be made or a lesson to learn that we are avoiding, it will eventually grow to such a massive level that you will be forced to learn and shift.

Where are we avoiding making a shift or learning a lesson? In our personal lives as well as in our society as a whole? What is coming up for us that we have known we needed to face but haven’t been able to? Where are we staying stagnant because the idea of allowing what we know to be released is too scary to truly understand the blessing waiting on the other side?

We can't get too stuck in the shadow though. This is also a time to celebrate all of the shifts and accomplishments we have made and to remind ourselves of our true power. Intimacy takes vulnerability. Spiritual growth and phenomena take openness and faith, and even the success that we crave in our careers, or financially, requires a clear-minded determination and focus on our own specific goals.

These are the gifts that Scorpio reminds us we already have. More than gifts, they are tools in our toolboxes and medicine bags that will allow us to continue healing and transforming. They are within every single one of us and can never be taken away.

So, tonight and over the next few days come to play with us in the darkness, free from fear and trust that the light of the Flower Moon will guide your way through to the other end.

We only have to go back if we want to.